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          Wyze Doorbell In The Flesh!
          2020-11-12 00:42

               We knew it was in the works. And now we have production imagery of the upcoming Wyze Doorbell. Of course, Wyze’s most notable “feature” has been its budget pricing — which they generally hit by reskinning existing hardware as their own. As such, I suspect the new Wyze Doorbell could riff off a somewhat similar-looking Xiaomi manufacturer model with AI person detection and hardwiring customization.

              Like most of their gear, the Wyze Doorbell isn’t much to look at (even in their brick-walled promo), but the company will kindly bundle a wedge kit and an external chime… as the hardwired doorbell is unlikely to use your existing mechanical chime.
              Beyond a doorbell, the startup is previewing the Wyze Outdoor Cam and smart thermostat in this fundraising video, with references to 30 products under development.


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